It’s so easy to get stressed out and worried about life, especially when things turn out differently than you expect them to.  It seems like everyone is stressed out about something, and you are expected to worry about things – if you don’t worry, others will think that you just don’t care.  This is not a healthy way to live.  We have to make a conscious effort to react differently.  We need to believe that God is working on our behalf.  He knows what the outcome will be, and He also knows what is best for us.  I have been struggling to trust God in my circumstances – not because He has let me down – All my needs have been met!  It’s more because I don’t understand what He is doing.

As I was pondering all of this tonight, I remembered a song I learned while I was in college.  I thought I would share it tonight!

Bow the Knee

Proverbs 29:25

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.